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Answer 9 questions correct & fastest of All to win 1 Crore

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'Where knowledge and speed is all you need!

'QuizJeeto' is a unique online quiz game and can be played on any device including mobiles, laptops, desktops, tablets etc having internet access.

To win the 1 cr quiz game all you need to do is compete with 6 other players to answer each of the 9 questions correctly and fastest of all. The best part of the game is that you can play each question as your own convenience!

If winning once is not enough, you can keep playing and winning, over and over again!

About Quiz Jeeto

Mind Blowing Entertainment Limited is a company that believes in serving unique content across all mediums through the internet. The concept of justifies that. The team of extraordinarily skilled developers, designers and creative visualizers come together to create a master concept.

The most important part of the entire conceptualization is to attract each and every human being, which itself is one of the biggest achievements of Mind Blowing Entertainment Limited.

Mind Blowing Entertainment Limited has always been open to such innovative ideas, and promises to give many more exciting concepts such as in the near future.

"When everyone keeps their EGOS out of their Mind, the world of Unlimited Possibilities Open Up" says the CEO – Pranav Panchal.